Jeanne d'Arc - Luc Besson (Joan of Arc)

  • Runtime :148 min.
  • Genre :Adventure, Drama
  • Cast :Milla Jovovich, John Malkovich, Dustin Hofman
  • Director :J.Luc Besson
  • Year :1999

In 1412, a young girl called Jeanne is born in Domrémy, France. The times are hard: The Hundred Years War with England has been going on since 1337, English knights and soldiers roam the country. Jeanne develops into a very religious young woman, she confesses several times a day. At the age of 13, she has her first vision and finds a sword. When coming home with it, she finds the English leveling her home town. Years after that, in 1428, she knows her mission is to be ridding France of the English and so sets out to meet Charles, the Dauphin. In his desperate military situation, he welcomes all help and gives the maiden a chance to prove her divine mission.